lucy qin

I'm a first year PhD student in computer science at Brown University. I work on applied cryptography in the Encrypted Systems Lab, advised by Prof. Seny Kamara. Previously, I was a researcher and software engineer at the Hariri Institute for Computing where I implemented cryptographic capabilities (such as secure multi-party computation) to support public initiatives. Prior to that, I was a member of the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Systems group and the Secure Systems and Resilient Technologies group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where I built tools to assist first responders. I graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. in computer science and economics.


Role-Based Ecosystem for the Design, Development, and Deployment of Secure Multi-Party Data Analytics Applications.
Andrei Lapets, Kinan Dak Albab, Rawane Issa, Lucy Qin, Mayank Varia, Azer Bestavros, Frederick Jansen
IEEE Secure Development 2019. McLean, VA, USA. September 2019.

From Usability to Secure Computing and Back Again. [video, slides]*
Lucy Qin, Andrei Lapets, Frederick Jansen, Peter Flockhart, Kinan Dak AlBab, Ira Globus-Harris, Shannon Roberts, Mayank Varia.
Symposium on Usable Security and Privacy 2019. Santa Clara, USA. August 2019

Standardizing Automated DNA Assembly: Best Practices, Metrics, and Protocols Using Robots
David I. Walsh, III, Marilene Pavan, Luis Ortiz, Scott Wick, Johanna Bobrow, Nicholas J. Guido, Sarah Leinicke, Dany Fu, Shreya Pandit, Lucy Qin, Peter A. Carr., Douglas Densmore
SLAS Technology: Translating Life Sciences Innovation. February 2019.

Callisto: A Cryptographic Approach to Detecting Serial Perpetrators of Sexual Misconduct.*
Anjana Rajan, Lucy Qin, David W. Archer, Dan Boneh, Tancrède Lepoint, Mayank Varia.
ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies. Menlo Park and San Jose, CA, USA. June 2018.

Accessible Privacy-Preserving Web-Based Data Analysis for Assessing and Addressing Economic Inequalities.
Andrei Lapets, Frederick Jansen, Kinan Dak Albab, Rawane Issa, Lucy Qin, Mayank Varia, and Azer Bestavros.
ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies. Menlo Park and San Jose, CA, USA. June 2018.

*Presented at conference.


Deploying MPC for Social Good. [video, slides]
Real World Crypto. San Jose, CA. January 2019.

Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis for Social Impact.
Grace Hopper Celebration. Houston, TX. September 2018.

Software Tools for Next-Gen Genetic Design.
MIT-Broad Foundry. Cambridge, MA. August 2018.

open-source libraries

JavaScript library for combinatorially specifying, constraining, and exploring genetic design spaces.

Implementation of an oblivious pseudorandom function over an elliptic curve.

Encryption and decryption functions supporting Callisto's cryptographic design.


Publicity Chair
IEEE Secure Development Conference. 2018 & 2019.

Review Committee, Security & Privacy Track
Grace Hopper Celebration. 2019.

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